Click through zoomed gallery

Halo Sparkler,
is it possible to click through a gallery in the lightbox (zoomed in)? I’m desperately looking for a way and have not found anything.
Kind regards Steffi

If you mean go from photo to photo in the lightbox, that’s not possible.

What you can have is a gallery in the popup, though not connected to the photo in canvas.

We’re working on a solution with the goal of making it both flexible for different configurations and easily set up for common use cases. Sorry it’s taking this long.


Steffi, are you saying that you are clicked into a larger view of the photo slider and you want the ability to navigate while in this view? That is not possible with the Sparkle photo slider. I use an a different service to handle that effect.

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Hello dpong,
there is another solution? How do you do that?
Many greetings Steffi

@Steffi , sorry for delay in response, take a look at this test page, I have a few samples in it. If this is what you are looking for I can send you the link. samples

No problem, I am happy to get an answer. The last slider is somehow what I am looking for. It should not be fullscreen, but i think it is editiable. How did you do it? THX Steffi

The sparkle slider is limited in a number of ways, so I use an embed and the code comes from another service. The service is from: There are a lot of widgets and they offer upgraded options. A bit of extra work is needed to make them fit in with your site setup. e.g. fonts, colours, spacing. There is a cost, but you should be able to add that to your hosting or development fees. If you need a affiliate link, just let me know, it will give you a discount.

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Thank you very much. I think I should better wait for a sparkle-solution. The budget is low and I don´t want to make it complicated.