Client going with someone else

What do you do when you created a site for a client in Sparkle and they decide that they are going to go with another designer. How do you go about giving them their site or information?

Depends on the terms of your contract, if you have one. I never do work without a written contract and as part of my terms I specifically state how to part ways.

If you don’t have a contract and are fully paid, then I would offer them the Sparkle file and a PDF of the site pages for a fee. If the client doesn’t own the assets (such as images and video) then you charge an asset fee as if you were selling your work on spec. Never work, or turn over your work, for free.


@Colbitos_way, @thetravelhikelife advice is in the bag!

If your client doesn’t own a version of Sparkle already I would export the project to disk - you can find this under setting up Publish and it is the action called “Export to disk”.