Cloning my HTML landing pages to Sparkle

So I need to copy/clone pixel perfect my already made HTML landingpages.

I tried Page import feature, but the fonts, layer sizes and positions are all messed up and by adjusting it manually takes a lot of time.

Now I am trying to create a screenshot of my pages and import it into Sparkle, lock it in background to manually build elements over the screenshot. Seems to work somewhat ok.

Question, is there a better workflow of how to copy my already made pages in HTML?

Yes @Emilly, that is the correct way to import a page or a website into Sparkle.

What happens is that Sparkle converts the html page into a Sparkle canvas page allowing you to interact with the import on your Sparkle canvas. The best device to import your website page on is the 960 and as you mention it could do with improvement.

Sparkle does a really good job, but I would love to see Sparkle…

  • ask me to import missing font(s) that the imported web page has, reducing the substitute text which is always to big
  • detect vertical text and places it at a 90 degree angle on the canvas
  • detect browser width graphics and places it in a widebox instead of a box
  • instead of a button becoming a text box on a box that it converts it into a button