Closing popups not working everywhere

I’m using about 10 pop-ups in this new site. All ‘Normal’ and all with the typical ‘Close’ Button (black dot with an X in it). What surprises me is that some of those buttons close the pop-ups like they should and some just don’t. I copy/pasted ‘good’ close buttons on other popups but they still refuse to close.

I read the documentation and discussions again and tried a lot, but I don’t get it.

I have a workaround: I still use the close button but instead of close on click I selected (on click) to go to… the same page. That works every time, but is not how it should be.

BTW: the popup button is on top of the layers.

Please send the project file to and we’ll take a look.

Thanks, Duncan. I had just changed the setting of the close buttons, so after your request I changed some of them back to ‘close this pop-up’. Surprise: now they work…

It’s a mystery to me