CMS/Client editing options?

Hi, I think this topic has been discussed before but I was wondering if someone could possibly help me as I’m still relatively new to Sparkle.

I have a new client who has approached me to build a website for them but has requested that they have access to update photos, prices etc; what would be the best way/options to do this?

Appreciate any advice, thanks :grinning:

The only option currently is to share the project file with the client (who will then need to have a Sparkle license to edit and publish it).

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@StratBluesLC, That’s great to hear but the client updating is a bit tricky for now…

What I have done is let the client know we will be using the no-hassles Sparkle platform and that they will need to purchase a license (Basic Sparkle for under 10 web pages, and Sparkle One with no web page limits) then from my end I build out their website and give them a copy of the Sparkle file.

With them having the Sparkle file on their end they can edit their site (content & images) and then re-publish via their Sparkle license. If you keep their file in iCloud Share (or DropBox, etc…) then you can take a copy and overwrite your Sparkle file to keep everything up to date with your clients revised content.

The other way that I’m experimenting with is remote view and help them with the edits on their computer and when completed re-publish their website to their hosting server.

For now using this file share method is a good viable and stable option and of course assisting the process with good documentation can be a big help.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

EDIT : I’ve said exactly what Duncan has said just with a bit more waffle! :slight_smile:

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One big caveat, client uses windows, poor soul. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:
Yesterday I received the question from a painter and a photographer, but both use Windows, so no go…

@lode.rosel, I know we can run Windows10 on macOS, but we can also do it the other way around but it depends on their computer architecture -

Once they have macOS onboard they can run Sparkle, or they buy a Mac! :slight_smile:

I have a plan B solution, it’s cloud based and has all the Bells and whistles. Don’t want let a potential customer down because I only have macOS.

I’m learning, macOS on a Windows…
(I went through the information, I don’t think they wanna go there… And I stay away from Windows as far as possible :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:)
@MiWe plan B?

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This may work fine, as long as the site is not very complex, but if it comes to changing position, adding new section within a site, it could be really complicated. If you made layouts for all device screen sizes, it is almost impossible.

For me, any Wordpress solution is not the way to go, too many problems after plugin and theme updates, its just way to much support once the client starts to update or edit…

The only solution I am using for client editing is Squarespace, but this is not a cheep solution…
I would love to see some kind of sections or blocks within Sparkle, but as a “you get what you see” and for static sites, there is no better solution than sparkle so far, asap… :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for the advice, will take on board everything that has been mentioned and will discuss the options with the client.

Really great to have a community to call upon for help and advice, thanks again and as always greatly appreciated. :grinning::+1:

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