CMS that can be used with Sparkle?

Looking to do a site that will pretty much be super tedious without a basic ability to generate pages from a list of fields like a CMS (I suppose I can hack around it with templated pages, but sheesh.)

Does anyone know a good one that they’ve managed to integrate decently with Sparkle in some way?


(Hoping Sparkle 3 adds some kind of support for this, or even some kind of offline equivalent to Server Side Includes to build pages with)

@JDHamsterWheel, Coming from the template/CMS world will have you adjusting a bit to how Sparkle does it all and although not the same it has many positive benefits over the template/CMS world.

You have to see Sparkle not only as a web designing platform but also as the CMS to it. And because it is sitting on your localhost it is far more secure and unhackable. You will find over time you getting smarter in how you use it. For me I haven’t thought CMS for a long time and if the client wants to edit then they purchase Sparkle and I place the Sparkle file to their project in a shared iCloud folder with of course a lot of guidance…

This really depends on the end use application - is the CMS a Blog of some sort? or do you simply want the ability to edit content online? if it’s the latter, then Sparkle, as a web design application, isn’t for you. However, if you want to integrate something like blog or news functionality, it is easy to do but you will need the third-party web application (script) to do this. In most cases you will also need php and mysql functionality on your server. The bottom line is if you need a CMS, you’re better to go with a CMS solution. If you want a web design application, then Sparkle is more than capable.

Oh I’ve done a bunch of small sites with Sparkle, and way way back in the day did a blog with MovableType, so I know the deal - it’s just that, ok:

I love Sparkle and enjoy working with it, and also have no problem with pre-generated HTML as opposed to something being generated on-access by the server.

The problem is I am in the planning stages of a site that is, essentially* an episode guide to a show with nearly a thousand episodes, all of which I might like to have a simple but uniform page for**.

I don’t see any way to do this in Sparkle without doing every individual page separately, but man I sure would like to…

*(not really but close enough)
** (Still deciding if I need a page per ep or just a page per season or whatever, but the point stands.)

@JDHamsterWheel, Have you thought in doing the following…

  • design and create a template layout for the pages and save it in a seperate Sparkle file to your project
  • in your project file you can divi things up by using “Sections”
  • by having your other Sparkle file open you can copy across the template into your project and just fill in in with the relevant content

Yeah. That would work. It would be insane to do if I go with the 800-page option, but it would work. In an ideal world, Duncan would have popped into this thread and said “stay tuned” or something, but I think this is pretty clearly not an ideal world :-p