Code for accountant

Does anyone know where I can get a code for such an accountant?

We’re totally in love with this new Sparkle-made landing page!


Ditto - that site is gorgeous.

By far, one of the best looking sites I have seen! Congratulations!
A true inspiration!

But…not clear what you are asking for with “code for accountant”?


Good afternoon, I am looking for a code to be able to insert a dynamic indicator of figures like the one that appears on this page on a client page but I have not found it and my client wants something similar thank you very much

If I understand correctly you’re looking for the animated ticker on the Grants and Financials portion of this site. The very fast roll over of figures correct? It’s an animation. I’m new to Sparkle and I’m sure one of the board experts will chime in.

Thanks thats correct

For now Sparkle is unable to do that but a snippet of code has been used to make that happen. Looking at it further it looks like a bit of CSS with delay and duration (and keyframes) - interesting.

Thanks, I’m just looking for that segment of code to insert it into the page. thank you very much

Maybe the html Tag <marquee> helps you.
Here is a smale tutorial:

Good Luck!

Thanks let me check,