Color Management

Hello, the colors again :wink:

I would like to see an easier handling with the colors, beside the suggestion about naming the colors, it would be really handy to edit the colors without clicking to an Element.
So, edit an color and all elements will change, edit the next color all other elements with that color will change. At the moment I have to click on an element, then change the color, which make sense, but if I want to change another color I have to choose another element, change the color. So, that’s rather a endless clicking to change the colors / style of the whole website

This will also open the possibility to make color presets to change color sets with one click.

What do you think?

@lqud, Colour in design is very important and the less work we need to do to tweak our global colours the better for our workflow! I’m very confident that Duncan and his Team are working on something! :)…

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