Color of the cursor

The background color I use on my pages is very dark and the color of my cursor is also very dark. Is there away to lighten the color of the cursor so that it is easier to see where it is place on the page?

Hello @Halfmoon

With macOS you can change the size of the cursor:

System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Cursor Size


So it should be easier to see on a dark background.

Thank you. I will have a look at that. I was once using another web building app that automatically changed my cursor to white when on a dark background and black when on a light background.

That function increases the size of the arrow/pointer not the blinking cursor which is what ideally would be white on the dark background. However, I did learn something new with your suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @Halfmoon

Oh I see! The blinking cursor … yes, that is impossible to see on a black or dark background.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to change the colour of the blinking cursor in text fields. I am not sure if this is a macOS setting or if this behaviour can be changed in the app itself (by the developer).

I just tested it with Pages. In Pages, the blinking cursor changes to white in a text box, when the background is black.

So maybe @duncan could look into this …

Hi @Halfmoon,

there’s no support in Sparkle for that right now. It’s relatively easy to fix adding this CSS in an embed in your form page:

input { caret-color: green; }

(or change that green to white)

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Hello @duncan

I’m not sure, but I think @Halfmoon means the cursor while working on the Sparkle canvas, not in the forms.

I noticed this myself.
Black background, white text in text box = the blinking cursor changes to white


Black background, coloured text in text box = the blinking cursor is black and can’t be seen.


So one doesn’t really know where the cursor is while editing text in Sparkle … and that makes it difficult to navigate within the text box.

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Ah, in that case it looks like a bug.