Colors in Box/Gradient Fill - newbie asking

Dear Sparkle Community,
I am a fresh Sparkle explorer. I am trying to re-create and modernize my wife’s web-page:

As a beginning I created a wide-box on the top of the page, and filled with a gradient of the dark and light red tones. I put in the colors in RGB values. They are correctly set as to number values. But - they show differently on screen. Neither the dark tone nor the light tone match the number values.

To give an example: the lightest color should be 205:43:38 RGB, but is depicted as 189:58:38 on screen.

What am I missing?

It’s colorspace. The web works in sRGB. The values are intended as sRGB. If you set the Digital Colorimeter app to sRGB it will show the exact same values.

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Ah! :slight_smile: Thank you so much, Duncan!