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I am in the UK and looking for a reliable .com domain name availability and registration service. Do you have any recommendations? I am running a business so cost is not really a problem, so what should I be looking for in a service provider. This is my first site and it’s for my business so at first it will be information only but at a later stage I am looking to sell my wares via the in built port in sparkle. any advice will be very gratefully received.


I use ecohosting.co.uk. No complaints so far. I’ve been with them for about a year now after transferring every from Namesco (they bought out my old hosting company), who seemed to be more interested in squeezing every last penny out of everything with poor customer service.

Ecohosting’s customer service is great. Prices are good and they are green.

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Many thanks I will add it to the list.


I like Namecheap.com, been using it for nearly two decades. It also has an option to use UK servers, if such is preferred.

PPemail, my company, provides domain registration and hosting services as well, with a focus toward assisting professionals and their organisations develop an online presence. Perhaps we could assist with your questions. Contact me directly if you wish.

I’ve just (re)launched the site rebuilt with Sparkle, and continue to build out the pages from the previous (WordPress-built :roll_eyes:) version. Sparkle is MUCH better, in my opinion, thanks to Duncan and the team.


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You can usually pick just about any service for domain registration - they don’t have to be particularly “reliable” - they can either register your domain or they can’t. Every company providing registration will give you access to a DNS admin page where you can point your domain to any hosting server of your choice. However, if you need hosting at the time of registration, you would be better choosing your hosting company first and then use their registration service. This can make it easier for you when it comes to pointing the domain to a hosting account. It also means that hosting and domain renewals occur at the same time each year. It should also be noted that some hosting providers may not be able to provide some services to you if your domain is registered with another company (for example DNSSEC).

Like @PPEmail I would recommend Namecheap for hosting and domain registration. They often have discounts on both and offer free SSL for the first year. As a hosting provider, their online chat support (24/7) is a great bonus as technical help is only a click away. Check them out - you’ll probably get a 50% discount on your first year of hosting if you don’t mind paying annually. If you order a domain name and hosting at the same time, they take care of the DNS thing and automatically install the SSL.



many thanks for the reply and apologies for not getting back sooner I have been wrestling with FTP protocol. I ended up with GD as I needed the higher end usage and the 95% reliability.



everything was pointing to GD so I did as you say and just followed the trail for hosting. I got a good deal in the end.


Black sun in Canada was recommended for hosting and so far I am happy. That is huge for me.

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