Command to go back to the page I just started

I am preparing a complete new Menu and the procedure is as follows:
Hamburger-Menu (klicking on it goes to this Menu page) and from the you can choose where to navigate. Now so far so good.
But on this page a place an X (which means) go back. But then it should go back to the page I just came from. Does such a click exists?
I hope I explained it in a understandable way.

2nd issue: is there a possibility to say to an icon/image which is on every page (not on this page)
The opposite exists (only on this page)

Thanks for every hint.

I just rely on the browser’s back button.

It’s not built-in in Sparkle because it’s not a common pattern, but it can be done with a tiny bit of javascript. In your button “On click” action, set it to open external website, then enter this:


Should do the trick.

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Thanks a lot Duncan, I will try it with this javascript.

and it works perfect. Thanks a lot Duncan.