Community forum possible with Sparkle?

This is probably a stupid question, but for a small group of people (25) I would like to create a kind of forum like this community page. Is this possible with Sparkle? Or which software do I need to create something like this?

Hi, with pure Sparkle the answer is no.
There are several Software products for forums like woltlab burning board, phpbb, vanilla forum e.t.c

But you can integrate a Sparkle Made site

Thanks Fehmarnufaktur. Is there a specially recommended one? Is there a free one?
Of course I will lokk around myself, but it’s nice to get some input from people with experience.

I have not used one of those mentioned myself, cause there have not been a usecase for me.

But I think for a small scenario like you mentioned all of those I named are good.

The forum that gets used here is:

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Thanks both for your quick replies. Will download and try discourse … :+1:

Edit: I found that my hosting provider offers a Mailinglist which is what I need for my small circle of people. And nothing to install …
Just wanted to let you know. Thanks again.