Completed First one. Whew

Thanks to all for your assistance, I may have gotten there eventually, but it would have been a much longer process.

Modified as per suggestions… Thank you

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Terrific job. Nice work. If I may suggest something. On your 960px page. Increase the fonts for your coverage area, and the listing of all the Mac products you service. Adjust your page width downward. Or put all the dealers and products into a jpeg and make it an “on click” function so folks can read it.
Just a suggestion. Don’t sweat it. All in all great work!

Thank you for your suggestions, I pulled in the City zip info and the products, only for SEO purposes. I am hearing that may be a red flag for Google at this point. I will be doing more research, and was debating on hiding the lists which is why they are tiny.

I could move them to another page and crank up the size for readability. Do you think, Full size would make a difference to the clientele in the end or JUST SEO?

Eliminate the Apple Products List, the City Info, and Most Requested Services section. No one is going to read those, especially on mobile. You have a readable site until those sections and they waste valuable first page real estate. From an SEO perspective they could actually hurt because it gets close to key-word stuffing, which Google penalizes.

You already said at the beginning of your site “ONSITE service for all Apple products!” and " Apple, Mac, iOs device support in Los Angeles". Have faith in this short concise copy. This is what people will remember.

Let people call you to inquire about specific products, services, and service area. Getting people to contact you is the most important goal. Nothing happens until prospective clients take this first step.

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@jfmusic and @thetravelhikelife

JF. I would concur with those ideas. Travelhike brings up good points.
If you can live with elimination I would do so.

Thanks for the input. Be Safe.

Nice clean site. Well done. Incidentally, on your homepage, you have misspelt “arrises”; it only has one “r”

I like the way you customised the privacy banner - out of interest, how did you do that?

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Thank you for catching that, I will fix it. Sadly neither I, Grammarly, or my extra pair of eyes caught it.

Privacy Banner,
So I am new at this over all, and my terminology is not great, can you define which portion you are asking about?

I am happy to answer your question.