Complex area & clic or rollover

With other design software,
You can create a button (clickable with hover effect) and place over text and “inert” pictograms. That is to say that they do not disturb the mouse that passes over them? they do not trigger for a hover effect, and more importantly, they DO NOT PREVENT the effect of the area below.
I tried to explain it in drawing.

That combination can’t currently be done in Sparkle.

So I am very annoyed because I only have “area” as well.
And I can’t (for production reasons do everything in one frame each time).

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean.

The combination that does work is to group everything you need to be clickable, and set the link on the group. In this case hover doesn’t work, but the link does.

oh yes Duncan,
it’s already better by grouping. :slight_smile: Thank you