Complex site for a landscape photographer

Just finished my first Sparkle site,, a more-or-less “traditional site” not a trendy modern mobile-first, vertically stacked site. has 30 pages, over 300 photographs, lots of text, essays, and reflections on the practice and art of photography, and in the desktop version, lots of white space, which is not an essay recipe to convert to something that works on a smartphone. Thanks to Duncan for patiently solving a number of my problems. I am simply ecstatic about Sparkle and busy working on a number of new Sparkle sites. I am, so-to-speak, a refugee from Adobe’s Muse. Sparkle offers the same graphic freedom that Muse originally did, only more and better. Thanks!


@Lito, I think you have done a great job! The white space allowing your content to breathe, and the simplicity enforcing the beautiful visual content. For your first site a big high five! :slight_smile:

The only thing…
Is your footer copyright in the right place? I seems out of balance with the rest of your layout.

Beautiful site and absolutely stunning photography. I think the site works in it’s simplicity as well as “dangling” the photos like a piece of scrumptious candy, inviting the viewer to reach out and explore for more. No need to classify as a “traditional site” as it does what it’s supposed to do, which is let your amazing work speak for itself without bells and whistles.

Thanks for the kind words. I continue to be excited about the freedom that Sparkle offers to achieve simple strong graphic layouts—a powerful tool for graphically creative online communication.


Oh WOW - great pictures. Some of them i’ve seen live.
What about a darker background? 80% black perhaps? I think that enhances the brightness and contrast of the pictures. You could test ist for a while. In this case you might adjust the color of the text to white or a light gray.

Best regards from
Mr. F.

A very lovely site. Well done!

Great photo - gorgeous site. I’m in love with Navajo Sandstone

Thanks Chaya, and others for your kind words. Sparkle has really restored my excitement about website design. And so far, I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface.

Hi ‘Mr Fozzie,’ I should have replied earlier to thank you for your comment and your thoughtful suggestion. I too like dark backgrounds for drama. However in this case, I felt that a lot of Linde’s site and her ideas depended on the accompanying texts and essays. Andit seems that dark text on a white background is generally easier to read when there is a lot of it.