Complex structure problem

First time Sparkle user. Quite happy so far, but…

It looks as though I worked on the template rather than creating a home page. This page is visible, but doesn’t show up in the Wordpress dashboard as the home page. It’s listed as the “front page”, but it’s not acting as a home page. I say that because I added a multilingual plug-in that ignores the Front page.

The nuisance is that the multilingual plugin doesn’t duplicate the home page which would allow me to just translate the textual parts.I’d also have to create the page from scratch.

I created a staging environment and created a home page with the right parameters and layout (basically re-built it from scratch). But this is not showing up in Wordpress as the actual home page either.

Very confusing!

Current homepage/template:

If anyone has any thoughts, they are very welcome.


Hi @writie, I’m not really sure what you tried, but Sparkle doesn’t quite work with Wordpress.

Sparkle can publish a static website, not a wordpress template.

I’m coming to that conclusion.

It is nonetheless available as a template (or builder) through Wordpress.

Thanks for the quick response.