Confused about publishing to Bluehost

Hello. A newbie here who is confused why Sparkle is not accepting my Bluehost ftp credentials. Here’s the data…

Bluehost tells me my shared IP address is My domain is

In addition, it tells me:
FTP Username:
FTP server:
FTP & explicit FTPS port: 21

In Sparkle’s Publishing setting screen for Web Address, if I enter or with or without the http:// prefix, Sparkle tells me “The domain doesn’t exists, please check whether the web address is correct”.

However, if I put in the IP address, I can move onto the next screen with a click on Next.

I cannot get past the Connections screen. I enter FTP server/user using the data noted above from Bluehost. The password I provide is the only one I have with Bluehost and that is the one to log into my Bluehost account. With this data entered, Sparkle tells me “The FTP server doesn’t exists, please check whether the server address is correct”

What am I doing wrong to move onto the next screen? What folder will I be telling Sparkle to publish to?

Untitled 6

Thank you in advance.

The problem you need to fix first is that while is registered, it’s needs a DNS configuration to make it point to your bluehost account. Contact the bluehost support staff and they’ll be able to help you out with that.

Once that’s done, Sparkle might even auto-detect the folder.