Confused about website ownership verification

Hi! So, I went to the site verification page in Sparkle, hit the “Get code” button and got my site verified. However, I did not receive any code, other than one that was placed into the TXT section of my site provider. I don’t know if this is what is required, or if I put in the entire thing - ie google-site-verification=“…”. or just the code? Or is it all done automatically now that it knows the site is live? Bing also had no code and in fact, just based it off the Google verification. Both recognize the verification, but I see stuff about a “verification token”, but I can’t find anything like that in the Google settings.

Anyway, any insight into this would be appreciated.

Thanks, Bob

Anyone? Buehller? :smiley: Or is this just not an issue I should be concerned with?

There are several verification methods. Google these days favors DNS-based verification, which sounds like what you did.

Sparkle’s verification is for the HTML Tag based verification. Since it’s no longer the default on Google you need to dig in their interface for the HTML Tag, if you prefer doing that. There’s no real reason to prefer one over the other, some methods are more convenient to set up but they’re all equivalent.

Yes, I did the DNS verification, and it all is verified on their end. I can’t find any tags or other information to insert into that field in Sparkle, so I guess Google just handles it now. Thanks!