Constant Program Crashes

Hi, since I tried to upload a 10 GB video file that authorized users can download, sparkleapp keeps crashing. I have long since deleted the link to the video, but the error persists.
Anyway, all the old files that I once uploaded to my website are still present in the selection. Is there any way I can delete the files I no longer use? They take up a lot of space and could be the reason for the problem.
I am working on Mac OS Big Sur. Thanks!

Hi @Maxipriest, Sparkle should never crash, regardless of the conditions it has to deal with. If that happens it’s a bug and we want to fix it.

In order to fix a crash we need to reproduce the problem. Sending in the crash report window that pops after restarting Sparkle can help us isolate the issue and reproduce it, leading to a fix. A better way is to help us recreate the conditions causing the crash, so send us the project file and any relevant assets.

It’s best if you get in touch via email,, and we start looking into it.