Contact Form Problem

Hi @TerriQ,

you can add a text input for each form field in your contact form, then add a button to tie the text inputs together. Set the button to “email form via server” and pick a thank you page (a page where the site visitor will go after clicking the send button). This is all that’s needed for the contact form.

Hi Duncan, thanks for the help.

Hi Duncan,
I’m completely stumped trying to to make the contact form. Can you help? I’ve downloaded the Sparkle Contact form but can’t understand how to implement it. I’m with Ionos and checked and they said they the contact form should be set to PHP. then it will be ok. This is all over my head! Please can you explain - with baby steps! :worried: I’ve published my site but with a non-working Contact Page and a non-working Thank You page. I needed to get it visible asap. Thanks Terri

Maybe we can start from what you have. Please provide a screenshot of Sparkle showing:

  • the contact form as it is on the canvas
  • the submit button selected
  • the button settings on the right, with the settings visible there

A single screenshot should be able to show it all. CMD-SHIFT-3 on your Mac creates a screenshot on your desktop, in case you didn’t know.

@TerriQ, what type & version of Sparkle do you have?
Can you give us a screenshot of you clicking on the “Send Email”.

I’ve never had my contact page as the index.html of a website. Try placing your Contact page as second page to your site, or choose it as a “regular page”, but because it is behaving as the home page of your site it won’t be picked up when you type in your domain address…

Sorry but this is a total misunderstanding. The Screenshot is of the Sparkle example Contact Form which I downloaded but don’t know how to implement it into my website. The screenshot is not of my website.

Hi Duncan,
What do you mean by ‘Canvas’ ? is this another name for desktop? And are you asking to see the sample Sparkle Contact Form I’ve downloaded or are you asking to see my website with the non-working Contact form and non-working Thank you page?

The canvas is the Sparkle work area? Everything that’s the main content of the Sparkle window, where you put stuff.

Please send a screenshot of the contact form in your own website.

Hi Duncan, thanks for continuing. Here it is:

Also the Thank You page

Do you have text input fields on the page? Or are the name/email/subject/message actually text inputs? And there’s no “submit” button which is required to send the contact form.

Please do the following:

  • add a text input next to each field (unless they already are)
  • add a button to the page
  • switch the button to “email form via server”
  • enter the “From” email address in the form “noreply@” followed by your domain name
  • enter the your email address in the “To”
  • select the text input field checkboxes in the “Form elements collected”
  • select the thank you page

If properly filled in this works in most cases. Please send a screenshot, with the button selected so the settings are visible.

Something like this:

Good morning, I think I have a similar problem. It is the first time that the submit button does not work for me with the same configuration in other forms. I attach a screenshot to see if someone can help me. I already deleted and re-inserted a new button and the same thing happens.

The first one can’t work because you have a from address with the gmail domain, which is going to be instantly flagged as spam by gmail.

The second one can possibly work, there are other factors at work. The troubleshooting we suggest is the following:

  • go to
  • get an email address
  • set that email address in your “recipient” field
  • publish your site again
  • send a test contact form
  • go back to the page and view the results (and share the page link)

This can either end up with a bad score, or no email delivered to mail-tester, which would mean something’s broken on your web host.

Is it the same with hotmail emails?

Spam filters are everywhere, the outgoing email needs to be set up correctly, the above will help you troubleshoot.

Thanks very much I´ll try

Yes about Gmail. Just set up a contact form on a new website and tested it with Gmail, mail and mail.
I tried two different Gmail addresses; neither one worked in the Sparkle form.
Changed over to my email and bingo, everything worked fine.
Same with Yahoo mail, no issues there, either.
So, it appears that Gmail is marking the form mail generated by Sparkle as spam.


I doubt that it is sparkle. It is rather the domain of the sender. Google has tightened its anti-spam mechanisms. You have to set something in your domain under DNS.

Follow best practices for sending to Gmail accounts:

  1. Set up valid reverse DNS records of your IP addresses that point to your domain.
  2. Set up SPF and DKIM so they’re aligned.
  3. Use the same domain for sending email and for hosting your public website.
  4. Ideally, send all messages from the same IP address.

I had that with an ionos mail account. Since i added a SPF and DKIM record the problen is gone.

Mr. F.

I suggest you use as per the previous answer to figure out what the reason for spam is: