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Hi there

I’ve got the contact working fine… but I have a question.

When you send the form does sparkle also send an ‘autoreply’ to the sender? I’ve actually been chasing my tail assuming this is so but can’t find any mention of an autoreply anywhere.

So i run my own email server, all set up and fully demarced etc with a mail-tester score of 10. I’ve been recieving email as the recipient no problem, but when i check my email server logs i’m seeing some errors, namely a 503 bad sequence of commands. Also in my debug logs i’m seeing a ‘send failed 10053’ error. As i’m succesfully seeing the webform contact in my mailbox i assumed there was a problem sending an autoreply… but after much checdking i’m not so sure Sparkle even sends one.

If sparkle doesn’t, i’m confused as to why i’m seeing these errors and recieving the email. if someone could confirm autoreply either way for me it will put my mind at rest …lol


Hello and welcome to the sparkle community. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, Sparkle does not send an automatic reply to the sender. Senders enter their email address themselves. No one knows if that is the correct one. So, in some circumstances, a mail would be sent to someone who didn’t even submit the form. That would be SPAM.

Sparkle works this way for privacy reasons. And that’s a good thing. On the so-called thank you page, you can create a kind of automatic (anonymous) response.

Mr. F.

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Brilliant! Thanks for confirming.

So any ideas why the error messages would happen then? Just out of interest.

Thanks again

It’s the first time I hear about that error. Could you email us a full trace of the mail server log so we can look into it? — thanks.

Hi Duncan, yes will do