Contact page sending with no fields filled in

A completed contact page on my website works fine. When 1 or more field are completed and the send button pushed, the thank you page shows. No problem there. When sent I receive the message with all completed inputs in my mail.
However when the form is left empty and the send button is pushed nothing happens of course, no thank you page showing. Fine! When the send button is pushed a second time with all fields empty however (why would anyone do that?), the thank you page does show and I receive an empty e-mail. Also when the website is cached and the button is pushed with empty fields the first time, the message is sent and an empty e-mail is received. Any solution for this?

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Indeed, this is not normal. I think it will be necessary to send your project file to @duncan so that they can address the issue.


I haven’t tested this now, so I can’t say if this is Sparkle’s normal behavior. Duncan knows more.

The simplest solution is to set at least 1 form field as “required”.

A more elegant solution would be for Sparkle to throw an error if all fields are empty, thus preventing submission.

Super smart would be to have the submit button remain inactive as long as no information is entered.

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Thank you both for fast replies. I will try Mr_Fozzie’s suggestion first. I hadn’t noticed the “required” option until now. Will try this first.

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Thank you Mr_Fozzie, that does it. I did put all the fields at “required” now and the visitor gets “fill in this first” massage. Also the send button does not work when is used with no fields filled in.

Great app with a great community, thank you all!


Oh, perfect then!

I thought you had checked the “required” checkboxes, that’s why I thought it was a bug.

Well done, @Mr_Fozzie !

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Thank you guys.
My pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:

Mr. F.

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