Content width 4000px

for a new website my page layout is content width 4000px.
is it possible to create such a site in sparkle.
thanks for your help.

@matthias, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

A width of 4000px is an extremely wide website layout? Is it suited for TV? The widest layout width you can achieve in Sparkle for now is 1200px.

as feared, it does not work.
1200px is not enough for my problem.
it is not for TV, it is for an existing webpage (special I know).

Welcome @matthias,

Sparkle produces general purpose websites, where a variety of normal browsers are involved. The age of “make your window this big” or “change to browser X” are not just over, they’re stone age.

Not just in Sparkle, but in any general purpose web design package you will find that you have to adapt the content to the device, and not viceversa.


Is this to allow for horizontal scrolling or similar? Or you just need a window of that size?

I’d like to know the use case of this one. I’m curious! :grin: