Convert Word document to Sparkle page and/or blog?

I have several simple Word documents consisting of a two column multi line table with text and graphics inserted.

Is it possible to take these and create Sparkle Web pages or Blog pages e.g. simple copy and paste? (Rather than tediously re-creating each one from scratch)

I know I can convert them to PDFs and allow visitors to download, but I’d like to have them appear directly within the site.

Hope this is making sense? :smile:

Maybe you can export your Word document to html, and then import that into Sparkle?
View the Word document html in Safari and then copy the URL and place that into Insert / Import Page, and hit import.

An interesting approach, thank you, I will try it! :grinning:

I love this idea. I too could save a lot of time by doing this. However, I tried converting a .doc to .html and a .pdf to .html and “inport” into sparkle. The preview looked exactly how the .pdf did, however once I closed and opened the Sparkle page it al went kablooey. Any settings I need to adjust or is this just what happens when you try to cut corners?

I don’t have Word so I can’t give it a try myself…

Sparkle isn’t 100% perfect in importing, but in saying that I don’t think docx to html is a perfect web compliant conversion and maybe Sparkle is having a tough time with it.

With importing a normal website into Sparkle there are at times the need to moving the elements around to copycat the website and tweak the text…

There might be some obvious things we can fix there, if you want to send the html in we can look at how the importer is dealing with it and try to address it.