Cookie-banner with maybe an issue?

I finalized the website:
I also use the cookie banner of course on its individual page but for some reason, even if one denies the cookies upfront or deny them later, one can always watch the youtube movies. What can I do? Did I miss something easy here? During the process I checked this and it worked perfect (-means, denying the cookies didn`t show youtubes -) on an a subdomain but now it shows up youtubes all the time …

Thanks in advance and Kind Regards,


Accepting or rejecting cookies does not affect these YouTube videos, as they are not embedded in your page, but are accessed as an external link.

At least that’s how it looks to me.

Mr. F.

That might be the case, yes.
I did it with the external link because embedded all pages took too long to load its content.
I also asked Duncan directly and wait for his answer as well to see …
Thanks - good hint anyway.

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Yes, you were right on this.
Duncan answered like you say.

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