Correct and functional setting for social web image?

Hi all

what is the correct setting, size and proportion for the social-web image
we can define at the right side of the workspace?
I did not manage to send a link on WHATSAPP o INSTAGRAM messenger
which embeds a good view of the image.


after the fails I have tried horizontal, vertical, square format , huge and small
nothing gave the desired result

in Instagram on the cellphone, the horizontal image I used first, shows well (the problem only occurs in Instagram for desktop (imac) and the problem of no image transmitting in Whatsapp is on any device.

The image needs to be 1200x630, that’s just a convention and might affect what is shown based on the sharing location.

It is also very important that the “website address” as configured in Sparkle’s general site settings matches exactly the publishing address, the sharing image you set is published to your website and its URL is placed in the sharing information that social networks use, so if the website address is incorrect the image won’t be found.

Most social networks limit the size of the image, it’s not visible in your screenshot but it’s best to save it as jpeg to keep the size down.

The first time you share the page on any given social network, the image will be cached, and in many cases there isn’t a straightforward way to replace the image right away with a new one, you will need for the cache to expire (which can be hours or days, really depends on the social network), so you are most likely seeing the effect of a cache.

If you want a confirmation of what the page is currently exposing as sharing metadata you can use Facebook’s sharing debugger, which also lets you clear the cache for facebook by clicking “Scrape Again” (which doesn’t also mean whatsapp).

Thank you very much for the definitions. I will check if all images are exactly 1200x630.

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