Count how often a button is pressed

As it says in the title.
I want to have a (or several) button on the homepage.
Everytime somebody presses the button, the count goes up by 1 (and is maybe displayed?).

Also, could this be realized via a url … so everytime somebody goes to a page on the site, the count on this single page goes up by 1.

It seems very straightforward but as I don’t use PHP or HTML I seem to be unable to realize it.
I know it is probably childs play if someone has the abilities.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

@Herbert, What is your reason behind the button count?

While in principle it’s simple, in practice it requires storing information on the server.

Most servers in the past 10 years don’t have the ability to store information in the filesystem, or not from code running in the page like PHP. Security precautions.

This leaves us with setting up database access, which again is not a huge problem if you’re proficient with code, but its hard to do otherwise.

For this reason many services have flourished that will do the counting for you (not specifically when clicking a button, more about page access), but that comes with a different problem: visitor privacy, cookie laws, etc.

So it’s not a simple problem to solve well.

The idea is to have a quick system of getting feedback, choices, plans etc. from students.
I can bring them to the site via a QR code and then they can simply choose what they want.

I am aware that I could do similar thing with Doodle, Google Forms or similar tools.
I just wanted to know how difficult it would be to implement (so I could also incorporate it into long term usage).

But apparently it is more hassle than it is worth.

So thanks for the information – you helped me with a decision.

I like this forum!

Thank you to all of you!