Couple of questions about search function

  1. Does anyone one know why the Sparkle created Privacy Policy Page is not search using the site search function. The page options only show Exclude from Publishing and Exclude from Menus; there is no Exclude from Site Search option. Does this mean the page is permanently exluded from the search? I would like the actual policy text to be searched.

  2. Is there a way to highlight the occurrence of the searched text found in each page to be in bold or some other highlight.


(Sparkle 3.1.1)

Yes the privacy policy is currently permanently excluded from search. We could change that to make it excluded by default, but leave the ability to make it searchable.

It is possible to set the search text highlight, in the search results element settings:


Thanks for that Duncan.

I managed to change the search query but didn’t manage to see the easy one!