Coversion from free to pro

I created a web site using the free version and created a web site. Later, I upgraded the pro version. However, whenever I publish the web site, it still has the made with the free version banner on it. I even deleted all files on the web server and republished it with the same result. Do I need to recreate a new web site from scratch?

Hi @jcrbam, sorry about the trouble. You don’t need to recreate the site. It sounds like went wrong with the license.

I can think of these two scenarios:

  • you purchased the pro license from our site, but have the appstore version installed
  • you purchased the pro license from the appstore and have the appstore version

In the first case you would need to delete the appstore version of Sparkle and download it again from our site, the two versions are identical except for how unlocking works, the version from our site would let you enter the license code.

In the second case a glitch in how the appstore licensing works is preventing Sparkle from knowing about the license – while we don’t have tools from Apple to help, in this case what generally works is deleting and re-downloading Sparkle from the appstore, or if that also doesn’t work, try:

  • closing and deleting Sparkle
  • logging out from your appstore Apple ID account
  • restarting your Mac
  • logging back in
  • downloading Sparkle again from the appstore

In all cases you don’t need to delete your project files, they are fully interchangeable between versions and licenses.

Seem to fix it by creating a new directory on the web server with a different name and then publish the web site from sparkle to it. Suggest Sparkle app to have an option to fully republish a web site. Thanks