Crawling statistics / SEO

My site is 5000 pages long, of which +/- 1000 are made in sparkle.

In these 1000 pages, I am very frustrated by the google crawling : low frequency and poor prioritization.

In google webmaster tool, I see that 47% (!) of the resource is used to crawl files like Home/css/PragatiNarrow-Bold.woff2 and only 17% for html.

As my site is composed of sub-sites, installed in sub-directories, I was wondering if it was possible to accommodate the fonts in a common sub-folder, to share them and save some google crawl resource.

That’s one reason to use a single project file, and no there’s no way to do that. That said it must be a bug that Google’s crawlers is spending 47% of its time on web fonts.

Could it be a issue with the relatively rare pragati narrow police I’m using?

I don’t really see why…