Create New Login page

I accidentally deleted the Login page that was created by the site, and don’t see an option to create a new one. Do I need to delete all the users and groups before a new page can be created?


Don’t you have a backup or an older version of the project available?

Since it is certainly the default login page that you deleted, you could create a new page that has exactly the required name. This depends on the language version of sparkle, I suppose. But I don’t know if there has to be more to the default page for it to work.

Mr. F.

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It shouldn’t be possible to delete the login page, though I think there were cases where a login page was added even without adding users, and that wasn’t deletable. So a Sparkle bug. If you have a backup like @Mr_Fozzie says, that would be best. Otherwise send us the project file at and we’ll help with a fix.

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I have backups, but the deletion was a month ago; so I would have to recreate the rest. On the backup I had hoped to just copy the page and paste it in the current version, but there doesn’t seem to be an option for that. Simply naming a new page doesn’t work either, unfortunately.

Thanks for the suggestions.

As a follow-up. I have no idea what happened, but one of my unrelated existing pages suddenly showed up with the login logo (people at the bottom off the page). I rewrote it to act as the login, and everything has worked fine.


So you found the default login page sparkle generates? This page is important, because it’s the (oopsi, error) page a visitor is directed to when he want’s to go to the protected page without login. This page is protected against accidental deletion if users are created.

The login form can be placed in any page or even in a popup (my favorite solution, by the way)

Mr. F.

Thanks for the help. I am still not sure what happened, but feel like being in the supermarket and asking where the asparagus is; only to find I am standing right next to them.