Create Sections on existing website

I’m sorry if I repeat a question, but I couldn’t find the answer in any topic nor in the manual.

I have a huge (Sparkle) website (260+ pages) that (only now) I want to divide into 3 sections. I couldn’t find out how to do that. So I need help from the community (or Duncan).


Why all the effort? What do you expect or what do you want to achieve when you insert sections?

But first things first. I would proceed like this:

Duplicate project for emergency backup
Insert section
Move pages in the Layers panel to the section
Collapse section and check if pages are really in it
Continue with a new section in exactly the same way
If everything works as desired Publish page
Delete backup

Mr. F.

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Thanks Mr.F. for your reply. I want to go through “all that trouble”, because I want to change things differently in those sections, using the “on all pages in this section” possibility.
Of course I already made a copy of the site and am working with that one. The site was created over a longer period, so there was no real initial planning - which I like to correct now.

But I have a question: How do I move pages in the Layers panel into the section? I seems, I can move them in the Pages panel, but only see that they are in the section, when I hide that section. Is that correct?
I think, there should be more information about sections.


Yes. Sorry. It is the page panel where you have to move them.
And you are correct.

There is another trick to see if a page is in a section - but not in which one.

Select an element on the page and look on the right under “Arrange”. If “On all pages in section” can be selected, the page is in a section.

Mr. F.

Yes, that helps. The only strange thing is: When I choose a page that I moved into the section, it still says “At Top Level”. Shouldn’t it say something about Section? Or is that something Duncan should look into?
Oh, and the annoying thing is, after I moved about 50 Pages into a section, I realized that they are now in a reversed order. For the next Section I know now …


Where do you see this? Oh yeah: at top level means, the page is NOT in a subfolder.

I can’t see anywhere if there is a page and in which section.
Maybe you could add that somewhere in the UI.

Mr. F.