Creating a FAQ page in Sparkle


I read in the documentation that a Popup Box can be used to create a FAQ page in Sparkle. Has someone implemented this feature and can shed some light on how to achieve this as I am not able to find any tutorial on internet on how to do this.



With popups you can do much more than a FAQ page.
I would proceed like this:
List all questions one after the other. At the end of each question is an icon with a big A that points to the answer. For the answer a popup is created, in which the question is repeated and the answer is written underneath.

A click on the A opens the popup.

Depending on how many questions and answers you have, a blog could be possible:
The blog page shows question and answer. The RSS view shows only the question.
That seems clearer to me. The blog index then lists only the questions.

Mr. F.

Hello @Mr_Fozzie, thanks for the reply, however I am looking for something like the snapshots attached below where when the user clicks on the “+” sign, it opens the answer at the same place underneath the question.

How can something like this be achieved in Sparkle…


@vermau, this has been asked for a number of times here in the forum.

It is something that really doesn’t work to well on mobile as your viewport flies up and down whilst opening to read the answers. As mentioned here there are a number of ways you can go about it.

I think the best way is not to hide information on a website, because in the end the website is for the User and the less clicks to access information the better.

Hi Guys and Gals,
Please find a download link for a simple Sparkle FAQ document that I created for you. Obviously you can add and style as to what you need.

Let me know what you think etc.
Best, Scott


I completely agree with FlaminFig. The best way is not to hide information on a website. Just bold the question and put the answer below it.



Hi Scott,
Well done, I downloaded and tried your example and it works for me and conserves page space in just the way I wanted - I don’t have many phone users in any case!
Roger B

Hi Rogerb,
Glad you found it useful. It was a quick and dirty example - but it can be greatly enhanced etc.


Hello @rimram, I checked your document and it’s creative and amazing. Actually a very intelligent way of presenting a FAQ section using the Popup element. Thanks for showing me the way. I will surely implement something on these lines in my website too…


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Well done @rimram! :slight_smile: :clap:

It is something I have been playing with as well.
You got to admit, these popups are amazing and versatile in what we can achieve with them! :slight_smile: :star:


Very interesting and simple solution. :+1:

I had thought of adding the remaining “button questions” after the answer, or in the original order.
That way you can navigate from popup to popup.

I haven’t tried it yet though.

Indeed, @FlaminFig , these windows are a great invention.

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Thank you, I haven’t had anytime to tidy it up. Over the weekend I will sit down with it and mess about further.

Thank you for your kind words.
Best, Scott

Thank you. Agree, pop ups are a cool and useful feature:)


Really great rimram, I only have to check, when the list will be very long, but the idea is great!

Thank you, Yes it is limited, but hopefully you can make use of it.
Ideally a ‘Native’ solution would be better still. Maybe one day, that will come to be.