Creating a song playlist

I have around 30 songs I want visitors to be able to play. I used to use Amazing Audio Player on Mac but this hasn’t been updated for the newer OS’s. What is the best way to have an MP3 player on a web page? Should include the ability to scroll through the list of songs.


@viclennard, you can individually import mp3 music to Sparkle, but at this time they don’t chain play into one another. You can see the info here - Audio | Sparkle Documentation

You could use Sparkle’s Embed widjet and integrate a sound player… Something like…

Hi. Thanks again for your help.

I don’t host all songs on soundcloud. I’d like to be able to link to them locally. The screenshot shows my current website using Amazing Audio Player

Yes you can store your songs locally so that isn’t a problem.
I myself don’t use any sort of music player on the websites I have so far created, so maybe someone else can chip in with a solution to help you out…

Thanks for your help. Went for the Soundcloud option with its embedded player.

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