Creating a Timeline?

I am building a site for a historical advocacy group, and want to create a timeline showing historical events. Ideally it would have the ability for me to pick specific dates and attach a photo or text box that would open when clicked so visitors could view the full timeline and select what dates they are interested in.

Has anyone created something like this in Sparkle, or have any creative ideas?


There’s no tool in Sparkle dedicated to building timelines sorry.

Hi! Yes I think this is quite possible in Sparkle with a vertical layout.
I imagine it like this…
A block of text with a small photo beside it. Set the photo to zoom larger.
Repeat down the page.
If you need a lot of text, say, a whole page of text for each event, create a PDF of it and place a clickable link to it (“MORE”) within each small text block.
You might even place some photos in your PDFs to better illustrate each event.
Hope this helps! Love to see what you do!

Thanks Duncan and Dave! I realize its not a feature that is probably in big demand so not surprised there is no dedicated took but thought it worth asking.
Dave, I like your idea of a vertical timeline. I’ll try it and share here when done. I started building my timeline with a menu, so I could link to pages but for photos I like your idea more. And I can still link to pages for dates with more information.


Go for it!
Perhaps think of a vertical flow chart, with “sidebars” to related events?
This could be great!

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Thanks for the suggestions! This is my first draft, w ill be doing more fine-tuning later but had to get something up.

I like it. Is this more in line with what you were thinking? I too am working on a design for a local non profit museum. Rather than a separate page for each date which is very work intensive, I had thought of a clickable date that opens a window of text, but the window of text would be a jpeg rather than text itself. It’s not the best solution but am experimenting.

Bill, That’s a great idea. much easier than creating multiple pages. Maybe a little harder to edit because you would be to create new jpegs, but with history there shouldn’t be that much editing, right? :grin: