Creating curved text and vertical text

Hi Community, I’m new to using Sparkle. Is it possible to curve a line of text? And is it possible to have vertical text? I’ve inserted text boxes in sparkle and was really hoping there’d be such capabilities. If you know, please explain as simply as possible in non-tech language. I’m a mac user however, I have no other design software or apps from where I can create and import. I do have Pages. Thanks in advance for your replies!

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Welcome onboard @veevee! :slight_smile:

Sparkle at this stage cannot create curved text, but it can create vertical text by highlighting the text box and then going over tot he right hand panel selecting Arrange / Position & Size / Rotation.

Selecting a -90 (270) or 90 degree rotation will have your text position itself vertically.

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thanks for the helpful reply @FlaminFig :slight_smile:

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You could import an SVG with text on a curve.

thanks @sprout :slight_smile: that will be helpful for other users who might have the same question as I did. although I don’t have such capabilities (…and had to google what SVG even meant) all answers are much appreciated!

for vertical text you can just


like this, as it stays the same (letter + enter). For curved text, yea using a vector app like Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer to create the effect and export it as .svg would be the optimal way.

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