Creating custom patterns for every page on my whole website?

I need some help with implementing or creating custom patterns for every page on my whole website. I just spent the past week and several hours a day creating a custom pattern for every page in my site. All have the same pattern. I’m just doing each page individually. Assuming that’s the only Choice? I opened up my website today and for some reason, every pattern on every page of my website is gone. Is this a glitch or a bug in the software? Or am I not understanding how to use the program properly?

So my question is. Is there a way to create a custom pattern for every page in my site at one time? I have many pages in my website. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello MySpark77 and WELCOME!

I can not tell you what caused the disappearance.
But it has to be restored page by page.

See this older topic.

Mr. F.

Hi @MySpark77, welcome.

The pattern loss does sound like a bug. Never heard of it before though, maybe you can get in contact via email at and we can figure it out.

Changing the pattern on the page background is currently done page by page unfortunately, yes.

Thank you for the help and support. I found an alternative way of creating my website by working around the issue I was having. Instead of using a background texture for each page, I used an image box for the whole page and sent it to the back. Then I could check mark the box which says show on every page.
That fix the problem. I have over 851 pages in my site. So this was a lifesaver for me. Sorry for the late reply.