Creating forms where one can fill the boxes and then printing or emailing it

Does anyone know how to create an exact form such as court documents on Sparkle and be able to fill it up and them print it and email it? If any one has done that please let me know how you did it.
Thank you all. Love Sparkle.


There are heaps of third party integrations out there, the first start would be adobe, I know adobe offers something like that.
You can also prepare a pdf document with adobe so you can fill out forms on the screen and then print it or share/email it.
I hope that helps.



Hi @Simon949, Sparkle focuses on web content, sounds like you’re after something that needs to be printed with adherence to an official form, that’s the kind of stuff that like @MiWe suggests is better done with the PDF infrastructure.

However I can’t really think of a way to integrate a workflow where the PDF is filled in online and also emailed.

The sites that have you fill out the form in web context and then produce a PDF have custom coding to do things like say associating a checkbox in the web page with a position in the form PDF, where to draw the checkbox. This is not something Sparkle does.

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HI Suggest a Google form? Would that get the job done? It’s free.

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There are several solutions out there. The easiest is to create a fillable PDF file. Several websites can do it for you. “” is one such site. You can also use several of the PDF pro applications that are available for either Windows or Mac. Once you create the form, it can be loaded to your page.