Creating sparkle site on 2 Macs - can the files be merged


I started making a sparkle site on an IMac (OS 10.12) then made some pages on my MBP (Mavericks). I’ve backed up both on an external hard drive and would like to merge everything into one file - is this possible? If so how do I do it, as I can’t see any information on this? I had thought I’d just be able to drag the files from one computer to another but that doesn’t seem to work.
An alternative I thought of was to publish both versions to disk and the put all the generated html files etc. together, but I don’t think that would give me a Sparkle document.

I am likely to be traveling soon so want to continue using the MBP for the new website rather than the desktop so I won’t necessarily need to continue to use the IMac in future for making new pages.


I don’t know if its currently possible to merge two files in this way, but you should be able to open the two projects on one of your macs and then use copy and paste between the two versions. Alternatively, if they are two distinct parts of the site, you could publish one version in the root of your domain and the other in a sub directory. This would mean changing the links between the two sites to reflect where the pages are located on your server.

I’m doing my websites using 2 different Mac (Mac mini & MBA), same OS, and all files on iCloud.
Except some settings (like publish setting), everything is sync. Works very well.


The only way to merge files currently is to copy/paste all elements in a page to a new blank page in the other project.

There will be a very small improvement in this in Sparkle 3 (the ability to drag and drop a page between projects, and a slightly better handling of colors).

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The publish settings are stored in the system keychain, with a reference stored in the project file, and should be possible to also synchronize, albeit not by Sparkle. If you have iCloud keychain working between the two Macs, and are using the same Sparkle on both, the publish settings should work on both.

Unfortunately if that doesn’t work, it’s also very hard to troubleshoot. The Mac keychain is a bit fiddly and there can either be sync issues or authorization issues.

So there is a different way of having publish settings work on both Macs, which relies on Sparkle not deleting a keychain reference it doesn’t understand:

  • on the first Mac you have publish settings
  • you move the project to the second Mac, it doesn’t recognize or show the publish settings
  • you add publish settings on the second Mac, this will not overwrite the original settings, but will reference a second set of publish settings that are in the second Mac’s keychain
  • you move the project file back to the first Mac, this is now the only project file you keep and sync between Macs, it has references to the keychain on both Macs
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Keep this very simple and you won’t have any problems. I am nomadic, meaning I travel full-time. The key is to use iCloud, be on the latest macOS, and have your workflow set up before you hit the road. Put your Sparkle project file in iCloud and setup your publish settings manually on your MBP. This will only take five minutes and you’ll eliminate any possible sync issues.

iCloud will be your backup and second Mac. I’ve never had a problem with iCloud anywhere in the world. if you can’t access your Mac for some reason, you can use to access your files and use Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and Photos from any web browser on any computer. When you don’t have internet access your Mac will still back up to itself so you can use revisioning (revert). Once you are reconnected to the internet macOS will move everything to iCloud that’s been waiting to be updated.

If you ever want or have to use another Mac you can redownload Sparkle to the 2nd Mac, log into iCloud and you’ll have access to your Sparkle file. Use Sparkle from the App Store for best result.


Thank you, I will try that for sure

The icloud sounds like the way to go in future. For now I’ll just have to re-make the pages that are on the IMac onto the MBP or do as francbrowne suggested and publish those files in a subdirectory. I’ve never got involved with the Mac keychain and I’d prefer not to do that now.

Thanks for your help.


Sorry, but for me it does’nt make sense. The project is not on computer A or B, it is in my drop box. And when I open it from A, it does’nt keep the setting from B. If I put again the same B settings on A, publish, and after that go back on B and republish, it has to republish everithings, all the images, not only the html.

If dropbox is confusing you then please take it out of the equation, do what I describe without using dropbox, or just as a way to transfer the file but without opening the file while it’s on dropbox. After what I have described you can use dropbox again.

I never merge.
I’ve done this successfully. 2 laptops. I do a “save as” on the project I’m working on and copy that to an external drive.
“Save as” with a date. (Sparkleproject_may8_21). Then open that file with another laptop. Perhaps I’m missing something, but you can also at a time with that project title.
I’ve always got the most recent file on the handy external drive. I haven’t checked to see if this process saves the publish settings.

Hello Duncan,

I made what you have suggested and the settings are now ok on both computers.

But if I have published from A, and then I am publishing from B, then the complete website is uploaded again, images included – not the modifications only.

I made several attemps with several projets (as my website is quite big, I split it in several sub-websites), and it’s the same with each projects.

Do you have a suggestion?

Once a full publish is completed (which publishes all files), then can Sparkle publish only changes. Every time we looked into this, Sparkle behaved correctly. Unfortunately its hard to troubleshoot.

Please do the following:

  • complete a full publish
  • publish again until completion
  • use the “send sparkle log via email” option from the help menu, and email us that

We’ll take a look at that.

Thank you. I have just done it.