Creative way to go beyond margin?

Hey guys,

Wanted to see if anyone had thought about any creative way in going beyond the implied Sparkle letterbox margin.

I’m looking for ways to introduce this kind of concept on elements (the white line coming from outside):

Captura de Tela 2021-07-14 às 18.21.57

Have anyone done something like this already? Would love to see some results!

@primo, The only way you can achieve that is using a widebox and placing an image with your line in it. Or you can place a widebox giving one of its edges a stroke of white. Wherever you don’t want the line to show you can add a box over the top of it, but that would be within the page width.


hey Hendrik!

Yes, that would be only viable way at this moment. Just wanted to see if anyone have made some other way around.

Also could be a widebox with a line from end to end and a box covering that line with the background color in the middle, but it would have on both sides of the edge as well.

@primo, You could have the line only half the width and anchor it within the widebox to the right which will allow you to cover up the remaining line with a box because it wouldn’t have stretched from edge to edge of the browser window.

I’m hoping to see something like “pin” to browser edge one day! :slight_smile:

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