Cretagora and some Greek Sparkle

Finally, after starting the project in 2020 amidst uncertainty and an ongoing tourist “season”, we are now online and the first orders are coming in to our Cretan marketplace.

Thanks to all you lovely people who were and are so kind to share your knowledge with a poor struggling amateur.

Check out and let me know what you think!

And yes, mobile devices are super important and responsive design a must, but for now there is no time for that. So the site is ready for 960px and the rest is yet to come…



For a “poor struggling amateur” you have done a might fine job @ThomasC!!! :slight_smile: Congratulations! :slight_smile:

So stoked to hear your online store is already working for you! I hope you have many many more sales to come… and I love the green touches - 100% natural, CO2 offset…
I’m curious, is the native (or predominant) language of Crete German? And those views! A really beautiful place and I can just taste that beautifully made virgin olive oil! :slight_smile:

Just a couple of things…

  • When I click on “EN” do you only have the one page in english?
  • On your tour page you have the two different tours but both go to the same page. Is that how it should be?

Ok, hope you all the success! :slight_smile:

Thomas. It’s a little wide on an iPad. You can go into your devices set up and toggle tablet for “automatically scaled”. Then it’ll fit better on tablets. You do not have to make a whole new device page set up.

Thanx for the kind words, @greenskin! Yeah, we try to run a green business and be ecopreneurs as we believe there is no other way possible in the future (if one is interested in a future that is).

You made me smile with your comment on German. One gets the impression on our site, right! The language people speak on Crete is of course Greek, the oldest European language. It’s just that our target group are non Greeks and especially German speaking folks. So the next steps in this ever evolving process which is a website will be a translation into English (first the shop in Ecwid and after that the website itself) and then into Greek of course.

  • So, yes, when you click on EN this is all I got so far.

  • And yes, you are right, that should not be. Thank, I changed that. The second trip is without a page behind it so far.

Thanks again!! :grinning:

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Hi Bill, yeah, I tried a variety of settings and believe that I ended up with disabling all devices except for the 960. I will go back and see how it fits better with the iPad.

Thanks a lot!


Has such a nice feel to the web site! Thanks for sharing!

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@EvolvedFamily Lisa, thank you so much for your kind words! Sharing is the best part in this great community!