Criteria for sparkle upload

I noticed that sparkle sometimes seems to redo the whole CSS - even when I just changed a simple word in one page…
…the upload last a very long time.

can settings be changed, so that sparkle ONLY renews the one page where I did make a change ?

Why does Sparkle newly compress images I did not touch ?

Old topic and often asked and answered.

Maybe this will help you:

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Thank you very much - It explains so much (the original text from Duncan)

Sparkle should not recompress images though, unless you have changed their settings (in a way that affects their pixels), or unless you clear the publish settings cache.

Hi Duncan, that’s what I was surprised about - in this case I just changed a single word, nothing else. - settings and pictures have been untouched for weeks.

The only other reason I can think of is low disk space, or system cleaning utilities, clearing out the Sparkle publishing cache. Sparkle is a well behaved Mac citizen so the cache files are in the system Cache folder, which the system does have liberty to clean in some cases (and tools like CleanMyMac or Onyx do overzealously).

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Hi Duncan,

this might be exactly what happend. I have 40 GB RAM but often several programs open…
so, in occasions clean-my-mac was “helping”…

Good to know, that this might occur.

thanks Duncan