Current Sparkle release version

The News category in this forum used to include notices of new releases of Sparkle including highlights of changes. That practice seems to have ended with the first release of version 4. We’re using 4.5.9.

We’ve followed the Community’s discussion of version 5 closely, and we’d like to move forward, but the “Download the latest version of Sparkle” update notice we receive doesn’t mention which version that is.

Might (1) the update notice include what version of Sparkle it’s offering to install and/or
(2) might the News of the Community be updated with release notes for new versions.

Hi :wave:t2:

That’s usually the case. Before installing the update, you should normally see the version number to be installed and the corresponding release notes.

Additionally, you can check the list of new features on this page: What's new? — Sparkle
Updates that are not listed on this page are minor updates, mainly consisting of bug fixes or improvements.

Well, for version 5, that’s certainly not the case that updates that aren’t listed are minor. The News section of Sparkle Community was used to provide details of updates to current users - now discontinued. The “What’s New” page you refer to is public and only describes major releases.

And, when I’m prompted to update my copy of Sparkle, I am not informed of the version number of that update. In the past month, that would have been real nice. I’ve quit updating Sparkle because of the omission.

Could it be that there is a difference in updating through App Store or updating directly through Sparkle?
As far as I remember, the App Store is not as up to date as the direct update via Sparkle…

I’m a Sparkle Pro subscriber. All my updates come via Sparkle.
I would know what version is available if it was coming from the App Store.

Under ‘Check for Updates’ in Sparkle 4 it says that 5.0.5 is now available, so I dare say that’s what you will be fed if you choose to update. Duncan is promising us 5.0.6 soon, so watch for that.