Custom blog index page

Is there any way to uniquely identify the tag associated with a tag filtered index?

For example, my blog site uses a handful of tags that categorize the blogs. I take advantage of those tags such that when a button labeled with a tag name is clicked, the user goes to a blog index page associated with that tag.

That’s all when in good. However, there is nothing on the index page that distinguishes it from other tag based index pages.

Am I wrong to think there is nothing I can do so a user knows the tag they clicked on when looking at the tag based index page?

Didn’t you ask the same question end of October last year?
In V5 i have not seen a change.
So, currently not possible.

Mr. F.

I did and was wondering if I was missing something in v5.

Also, I was thinking maybe there might be a workaround I was not thinking about.

Hi :wave:t2:

There is a workaround, I sent it to you in a private message yesterday

why not share the knowledge? That’s sort of the point of all of this, brotendo. I respectfully call you Brotendo like a bro, that is also a Nintendo. Eric Andre coined it. IDK. Now I say it.

Hi :blush:

Because this solution contains code, and I’ve been asked to avoid posting it here. If you’re interested, you can send me a private message, and I’ll be happy to respond.

It wouldn’t be a complete day if I didn’t needlessly chastise a stranger and then end up wrong and feeling dumb, so, another fine day is complete, Allan! JK, thanks my friend.

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