Custom Filename problem

Hi Duncan,

An error with the Custom Filename: shows php and will not except the htm
Sparkle Pro 4.1 (16640)

On an update on a single web page within my web site gave me a “File not found (404 error).”
[I do upload everything that is “published,” not just a page]
Ok, so I looked at my files I uploaded and seen the the page had a .php extension.
I replaced the php with .htm and worked just fine.
I checked the “published” items folder and the file extension was php.
I then checked the Sparkle page and found the “Custom Filename” to have the php.
I tried to change that to .htm, but it reverts back to php.
So if one knows the page one wants to view on my site the page works fine, but if they use the “Menu” they get the “File not found (404 error).”

php file

it usually goes to .php depending on which type of element you’re using on that specific page. Can you link the page here so we can take a look?

Also, from what I can see, the breadcrumb of your website would be - if you wish the link to be shorter and more intuitive, you can use index.html on “Page Filename” and the link would become

Been running this site since 1999 and using Sparkle since your conception. Was glad to get away from Adobe. I used GoLive Cyber Studio also since they came out and Adobe destroyed it.

Oh okay, i see

What i would recommend you to do is create a subfolder inside that folder and set that page filename as index.html

Your link would become, and the extension wouldn’t matter should Sparkle decides/is forced into which one is better for that page.

The way to set that up, using your own screenshot above, would be to do these changes (in red)
Sem título

Ok, I can do that.

I have a second page to this. One for non-commercial claims & one for commercial
stores/claims.htm [non-commercial claims]
stores/claims1.htm [commercial claims]
Been that way for many years.

I have many anchors on these two pages. I suppose I’ll need to change some of these url’s too. Thank you for this solution.

  • All I did that changed this is add a banner at the bottom of both these claims pages and updated a phone number on one of them. I do similar changes like this to a lot of my directory pages. I may have to do this again to another page or two.
    I just checked all the rest of my directory. No other php.

Thank you for your time.
This web site is a free community service since 1999 when I retired from mining.

The php extension is sometimes set because of some page element accidentally set to be visible only to logged in users, in the arrange pane. We have tightened that in the next update so that it can’t be set if you don’t have user accounts configured, but for now you might want to go through the bottom banner, while keeping the arrange panel open, and check if any of the elements has that.

Yep, thank you Duncan.

Out of curiosity,
Is there any problem or inconvenience in using the .php extension?

I ask, because all the pages of the site I am building, except the Home, appear with the php extension and it is impossible for me to change it. It accepts the name change but not the extension change.

I have a private section for registered users, so I imagine (from what I read in the forum) that this conditions the use of that extension.

I have no problem with that, I would just like to know if the use of that extension on all pages poses some kind of problem for visitors, SEO or anything else.

Thank you very much for shedding light to the laymen in programming. :blush: