Custom Payment Button? Any Updates?

I was wondering if there are any updates on being able to customize a payment button, either in style or with an image.


@icecycle, for now Sparkle doesn’t have the ability to add code-snippets to a button, and it also depends on the e-commerce platform you are using.

For my template shop I use Gumroad that allows me to link the BUY NOW buttons I have created.
In this way I have full style and background image control over the button… In my case I have kept the BUY NOW button simple.

So this is what you can do with Gumroad - Theme Kit 2 - mooDIGITAL themed template

On a side note : I’m thinking Sparkle is an actual no-code web design platform. As I have seen Sparkle grow and mature I see that Duncan & Daniel is doing their best to maintain the Sparkle philosophy which is not an easy feat! For me I have thrown away my 3 years diploma in Digital Media & Web Design study as it taught me a restrictive framework and the homologising of the web. Sparkle has allowed me to think outside the box and the more I delve into Sparkle the more solutions I find that just work! :slight_smile:

Sparkle allows freedom & individuality when it comes to designing for the web which is still a strange concept for most. My suggestion is to look for ways outside of what has been taught as the norm. There are countless solutions out there! :slight_smile:

Oh…I was more just looking to see if there was any news on customization improvements to the existing payment buttons, like any other button/link (i.e. colors, using an image, etc).
Right now you can only select from 3 button themes: Green, Red, & Gray.


I’m fan of snipcart and really have been hoping for the update. fingers crossed!

Hi @icecycle, I haven’t used SnipCart but I’m thinking the colour choice that is offered is from their end? Do they offer more colours on their end? Do they allow button background image styling?

The button styling is created by Sparkle. Snipcart doen’t manage or care. I think the button Theme was created as a stop gap. So theoretically it could be anything, if Sparkle had the necessary setting.

Hi @icecycle, the button is still not customizable.

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@duncan Oh you know I’ll be the first one to be excited when it is, lol :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:

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