Customizing the Blog Index

I’m upgrading my WordPress website to Sparkle because I think it’s an application with wonderful creative freedom possibilities and more reliable than WP. However, it’s the index part of the blog that has me completely desperate.

I’m trying to put together the summaries of the posts in a grid as I have in WP but I manage to position them horizontally, side by side as in this screenshot:

I thought it couldn’t be done in Sparkle until I discovered @Carola (really brilliant) website and blog. found via this other topic: BLOG Posts - Tutorial needed

And that’s why I’m asking for guidance on how to make it possible.

On the other hand I wonder if it is possible to put a small index with the last 3 entries on the main page of the site or somewhere else outside the blog index.
Something like this:

Thank you very much for any kind of help. :pray:

I’m afraid a grid of posts is currently not possible in Sparkle, sorry.

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@Saeta, regarding your last comment…
As you know you can do anything with Sparkle so you can create your second screenshot layout on the home page and then link the buttons to the appropriate blog post.

Of course when you update your blog and add more post you’d have to come to the home page and update that manually.


Thank you very much to both of you for your reply.

I was already afraid that the grid could not be done automatically, but it can be done manually, right?

I mean, I can create another blog index page, or the same one, where to place the summaries of each post created “manually” in the layout I need. :thinking:

Just as I would do with those last three news on the first page of the web.

I will test it during the weekend. :nerd_face:

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I’m thinking that then it will be easier to change the design and orient it vertically, interspersing the photos in left and right position, to make it more dynamic. :thinking:

Thinking of limits as creative challenges is also a positive thing.