Dancing Sparkle

Here is our new website I just finished for 320 and 960px introducing our holistic dance therapy on the beautiful island of Crete .

Check out https://www.gaiahealingdance.com and let me know what you think. Any comment is very much appreciated.



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The opacity is too much in the menu line, and some text is scrolling over the menu text line and some under. Otherwise it just looks fantastic. :grin:

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Thank you so much for your comments and the kind words!

Do you remember where you spotted the text going over the menu?

The opacity is at 60% and to tell you the truth… I like it this way. I took another look, but still.



At the beginning.

Hi Thomas.

Always check the layers panel !
Your menu should be at the first place on top. Name the layer “main menu” or something like that. So it is easier to check.

Mr. F.

Wow! That is quite funny! Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. Thanks a lot! I think now it should be ok.

Hi Mr. Fozzie,

yeah, will do! Thanks a lot! I have to admit that I am just getting familiar with the layers panel and still not fully taking advantage of it.


I also fall into this trap from time to time.

Mr. F.

Sehr schöne Website.
Herzliche Grüße Ton

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Herzlichen Dank für die Blumen @Ton1949 und beste Grüße!

Hi Thomas, das sehe ich. Was für eine Schriftart hast Du gewählt?
Liebe Grüße Steffi

Hi @Steffi!

I used Gill Sans throughout the whole site except for the gamma logo (which is my own drawing) and the “gaia healing dance” is in Metamoderna (great font for Greek but also for Latin).

Weird that you can’t see it properly. Gill Sans is a system font. Here’s what I see.

Liebe Grüße zurück!


@ThomasC, because you are using a System Font the other computer viewing your website also needs to have the same font onboard of their computer otherwise they get what @Steffi indicated.

To make sure that doesn’t happen you need to use a Web Font.
That way it doesn’t matter what a User has on their computer… They will always see the correct font style that you have chosen for your website.

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Hallo Thomas, hatte die tatsächlich ausgeschaltet. Jetzt sehe ich die Seite. Es ist wie @FlaminFig sagt. Du solltest einen Web- oder OTF-Font nutzen. Aber schöne Seite .
Liebe Grüße Steffi

Hallo @Steffi,

thanks again. Is the subtitle “EINE HOLISTISCHE TANZTHERAPIE” the only thing you cannot read?


@FlaminFig, I see. I somehow thought it was the other way round. I thought system fonts were the ones every computer has installed.

The weird thing is though that @Steffi seems to be able to read the rest of the site which is in the same system font. ?!?

Thanks a lot for the clarification!

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Hi Thomas, es war so ziemlich alles. Habe die Gill mit allen Schnitten aktiviert, nun sehe ich alles. Wie schon gesagt, nimm lieber einen Webfont. Vielleicht die Lato, die ist ähnlich. Liebe Grüße Steffi

OK Steffi, 1000 Dank für Dein Feedback!

Herzliche Grüße aus Kreta!


I am really surprised that nobody ever said anything about not being able to read our site(s).

So, now that I start to realise what I have done (wrong) with the fonts, I need to make some changes. Before I do so one quick question…

On our website https://www.cretagora.com I use 2 different fonts: Architects daughter (web font) for headlines and Avenir next (system font) for the rest. The headlines can thus be read by everybody and the text just by those who have Avenir next installed on their device? If that is so, I would have to change Avenir next to something similar looking. Right?

Thanks again!


Don’t be too alarmed @ThomasC

When you chose a font style it belongs to a font family. If you check your CSS you’ll notice that it calls up the font you have asked for, but if the User’s computer doesn’t have it onboard it then usually tries one or two backup font families. In your case your “Avenir Next” is backed up by “Sans Serif”, but if the User doesn’t have that then that is when issues arise.

Sparkle also uses Web Fonts which are imported Google Fonts. When this is setup instead of System Fonts your loading web page uses the font file generated when your Published your website to your hosting server. In other words all Users will see the same font on your loaded web pages, period.

Also to further confuse things you can also import fonts into Sparkle. So if you want to use say an unique scripted font that Google Fonts doesn’t have then you can import that into Sparkle and use it. When you Publish that font file goes up to your hosting server for everyone to use when loading your web pages.

Ok long winded but I hope it answers your question! :slight_smile: