Dark vs Light mode, Text settings?

I am finding that dark mode flips text color, but not all text color leaving some text black against dark .
IS there a way to pre define that text so it ends up light against dark and dark against light?
strungwood.com Just below picture text turns black in dark mode.

It depends on how you have set the color in Sparkle. If you click on the text, then click on the colorwell, then switch between light and dark you will see how the two are set.

HI Duncan, thanks
When I do that, I find the buttons top left for light vs. Dark, thanks for that I didn’t know the buttons where there.
But that doesn’t seem to let me set the color for the light, as separate form the color for the dark. It’s Either or, not manually set. Leaving me with a Dark color on a dark background instead of light text on dark background.
Is there no work around short of changing the bacground to a mid tone?

You need to change the color well contents, not switch to a different color well.